Real Criminal Justice Reform

Sarah understands the criminal justice system inside and out. She recognizes that real criminal justice reform requires shifting our focus from punishment to rehabilitation, ending the drug war & mass incarceration, and changing how we approach violent crime. We must stop drawing a hardline between nonviolent and violent offenders, and work to rehabilitate all offenders. Sarah will fight to address the underlying causes of crime and ensure that our criminal justice system is only used for purposes of public safety and rehabilitation. She will work to expand pretrial diversion programs and abolish unconstitutional and unjust policies like cash bail, solitary confinement, debtors’ prisons, and unnecessarily harsh mandatory minimums. She will work to improve prison conditions and ensure all prisoners have ready system of access to medical and mental health care, and by ending for-profit detention. To combat recidivism, Sarah supports expanding the Second Chance Act to eliminate barriers to re-entry and afford every formerly incarcerated person a fair shot at a decent life.

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