Women’s Rights

Sarah believes that women’s rights should be viewed as basic human rights, and that all women deserve access to safety in the workplace, equal pay, and reproductive freedom. Sarah will fiercely defend a woman’s right to control her own body, make her own heath decisions, and her economic future. She will defend Planned Parenthood and vehemently oppose all efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade. Sarah will also push for legislation mandating equal pay for equal work—across all genders and gender identities—along with paid family leave and free, universal childcare.

Sarah is a strong proponent of labor legislation that reduces discrimination and exploitation of working women. She will also call for strict enforcement of Title X to protect women against institutional discrimination, harassment, and violence. Sarah wants to create a society where women of all colors, backgrounds, beliefs, and identities have the ability to express themselves openly without fear of backlash, and are able to care for and nurture their families without barriers or structural impediments.

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